Tuesday, October 6, 2009

next hunt scheduled and sign done

There have been tons of hunts in SL, Hunts for Vampires, Nekos, Guys, Mothers/Daughters, Macabre the list goes on.
But this December 1-31, 2009 will see a more serious hunt, i'm NOT saying the RFL and past GLBT hunts weren't serious, This hunt tackles a very serious matter, One that effects us ALL. It DOESN'T matter if your GLBT, Straight, Curious, Male, Female, Black, White, Asian, American, Europian Etc. HIV/AIDS EFFECTS US ALL.
MILLIONS of people have either died or will most likely die from the terrible disease, THOUSANDS of people DAILY are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.
there will be Kiosks at the shops to take donations, 100% of the donations will go to HIV/AIDS Charity. i will keep the blog updated with the amount raised before, during and after the hunt.