Friday, August 14, 2009

GLBT 2 shop order

1.Maiden Market
2.Candy, Candy Catz, Candy Prims
4. Yale Sale Center
5.D.P. Designs - Punkass Clothing & MuthaF%&kin Princess
6.!SMK in the SKY!
7.Animal House DJ School (OUT OF THE HUNT)
8.Aftershocks Image Consulting
9.Michigans Shack
10.Wildz Creations
11.Elisabeth's Store
12.Naughty Kitty
13..:PdC:.PdCreations @ Crossroads
14.Second Look Art & Photo Studio
15.GG & Len Creations 1, Gay Zone Germany
16. Touch Beach Cottage Rentals
17. ~Simply~
18. Ultrateque
19.~*CELESTIAL BLISS*~ @Argentum
20.=^.^= Neko Erin Design =^.^=
23.S2L Leather Shop Main Store
24.AR Designs
25.My Heart Clothing
27. Bare Bear Discount Store
28.mi pop
30. GG & Len Creations 2, Blue Water Plaza(OUT OF THE HUNT)
31.Gairdin na Sidhe Flower and Wedding Shop
32. Big T Thrifty
33.~*CELESTIAL BLISS*~ @ Voodoo
34. Polar Designs
35.Cage full of Slaves, Sluts & Shemales
36. Xena Designs
37. Unity Shapes
38. PEER Style
39.S2L Leather Shop @ Pig Pen
40.GG & Len Creations 4, Gatchina
41. Mindshift Atoll
42.The Delectable Electible
43. LoPo Designs
44. Simple Designs @ HearLand Mall
45. Euphoria
46. Bolissima Designs OUT OF THE HUNT
47. DivaLiious
49. Bleeding Rose Designs OUT OF THE HUNT
50.GG & Len Creations 6, Kirkness
52. White Elephant
53. Calia's Design
54. Brokeback Babylon
55. Bobo's Masquerade
56. Troublesome Kitties
57. The Family Room
58. Toi Store
59. SB Designs: Women & Men's Fashion
60. Purple Monkey Art Gallery
61. Kor's Party Shop
62. Domela's Design
63. +Thorn+
64. Xtreme Desires SHOP MIA
65. Xena Designs @ Provincetown
66. Mindshift Farms
67. One Liners Comedy Club
68.Bound BDSM Art Gallery
69.Forgotten Earth Design
70. Nasty Girls Brothel(ADULTS ONLY)
71. [AJ]Allep Jeans
72. Vennus Creations & Studio OUT OF THE HUNT
73. Alexohol
74. AC Designs
75. UnderGeared
76. Simple Designs @ Provincetown
77. Moon Song
78.GG &Len Creations 9, Truck's Place
80.My Heart Shop
81.Excalibur MotorCycle Shop
82.Outsider MotorCycle Shop
83.Outsider Motorycle Parts Shop
84.Hotel California\Gold Rush Gaming Parlor
85.Ambrosia Ecstasy
86.Sweet Temptations
87.Brass In Pocket