Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I would personally like to take this time to thank all the merchants and hunters who made the FCKH8/Born This Way hunt an awesome success. it was both an honor and pleasure to put the hunt together. the feedback that i have recieved about the hunt, gifts etc. were all highly posative. some people loved the whole theme and more importantly the message that the hunt tried to get across. the message being no matter who you are you were Born This Way so FCKH8 & FCK The H8ers. i couldn't have done the hunt without the Merchants or my wonderful hubby Marcon. i also would like to thank Shadowed Luik at SL Freebie Hunters for blogging the hunt, and to the others who blooged the hunt i thank you. in closing it was a huge honor to have worked with so many great merchants and meeting some great hunters.

Tempest Heartsdale-Lunasea