Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the first known all GLBT-GLBT friendly hunt

it all starts in less than a week, some very great vendors have entered their shops in the first of hopefully many hunts to come..

it all started as an idea that some organizers of others hunts said i was nuts and some saying go for it... well i AM nutz and decided to go for it... i only expected to get 20-25 vendors 30 tops and wound up with 85 of the most amazing shops whos vendors are amazing as well... for those that DONT know what GLBT stands for it means Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered.. some also spell it LGBT... but it also has the same meaning, i like others of the GLBT community am excited about an all GLBT-GLBT friendly Hunt where we want to show people that it is ours as well as others belief that Hate is NOT a family value. the hunt will run from june 23rd to june 30th... and will like other hunt do a complete circle so it doesnt matter where you start that will also be the shop you end at.

i hope that everyone has a great time hunting and also enjoy themselves..